Why do we need wet wipes?

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date:2018-08-09 16:52:59

Wet Wipes, as its name implies, are used to wipe the wet tissues of the skin.
Wipes have a wide range of uses in a variety of industries, such as the practice of cleaning wipes on guests in the air as well as some upscale restaurants. Based on past life experience, summed up the following points:

1.Baby care
Such as: ① hip care, rub small PP
② clean baby teeth and gums, food residue and mouth milk stains
③ clean hand wipe
④ wipe baby toys
⑤ baby care when going out (hand, mouth, clothing, etc.)
Through the above several ways, the rational use of wet wipes, not only can improve the baby's cleanliness, protect the baby from bacteria, but also can effectively help your baby develop a love of clean, love health habits.

2. After dinner wipe the table, engage in health when wiping furniture
Lazy essential, clean the house with artifacts. Ready to use Eliminate cleaning or cleaning, you need to repeatedly wash the rag troubles. In addition, ready to use, but also put an end to the possibility of summer bacteria.

3. adult hand mouth
A famous Japanese chain curry house, dining is the standard wipes. The reason is the word "clean."
In addition, the dinner table to eat a lobster, eating a spare ribs, greedy hands full mouth, get up and wash your hands every time, neither convenient nor realistic. Use a clean wipe, wipe your hands, wipe your mouth, effectively solve this awkward problem, so you have no scruples on the table, eat all directions.

4. wipe the toilet
Wipes are the most commonly used cleaning toilet artifact. Rub finished throwing. Mom no longer have to worry about the toilet was dirty at home, recommended index second only to baby care. Who is who knows. Not used to quickly try!

5. Summer wipe sweat
This is the current use of fewer people. It is said that recently in the Japanese market, especially men wipes sweat more popular. Ladies and gentlemen, you can try Oh.

6.Drag the robot
Buy lazy robot mop, supporting the wipes can also be bought up.

7. Adult rub PP
Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea and other advanced countries, people are using wipes rub PP. Because wipe cleaner than dry paper towels, the principle of reference to the above after eating wet curly wipes clean mouth. At present, due to lifestyle and other reasons, the use of wet wipe PP crowd is still relatively small, interested can verify that.

8. Give away
Buy a tall, Individually Wrapped Wet Wipes give away, both novel and special, and very practical. Especially for families with baby, the effect is better than you think.

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