Different sanitary napkins have bad habits




date:2018-12-31 14:26:50

Different sanitary napkins have bad habits

1. Hoard a large number at home: Some female like shopping malls promotions time a large number into the goods. Hoarding at home slowly use. In fact, Sanitary Towel and food same also have the term of use. The closer the production date,Sanitary Napkin quality more good.

2. Organic Sanitary Napkins placed in the bathroom storage: Some female to convenient,bought a sanitary napkin will be placed in the bathroom locker storage. And compared to other rooms in the home,the bathroom is the most humid,some families even the bathroom all day long not see the light. In fact,Sanitary Napkins damp after bacterial more susceptible invasion. After unpacking the sanitary napkin should be placed in a dry, clean place, damp after not use.

3. Like to use drug sanitary towel: Some drugs sanitary napkins, may damage the private part of the acid-base balance, resulting in flora, reduce self-immunity and cleaning effect but more vulnerable to bacterial damage.

4. Love to use Bamboo Charcoal Sanitary Pads: Some women feel leucorrhea is not clean, in the absence of menstrual love when using health pads. Female vulva needs breathable, dry, clean environment in order to stay healthy. No matter how propaganda pad its high breathability and comfort,the bottom will have a layer of plastic film, airtight, long-term use, will increase the vulva humidity and temperature, to the bacteria, fungi created the conditions to destroy the vaginal pH, easily induced vaginitis.

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