Improper use of sanitary napkins can lead to gynecological diseases




date:2019-02-20 10:36:58

Eighty-three percent of adult women have gynecological diseases, and more than 60% of them are caused by improper use of Cotton Sanitary Towels and the use of counterfeit and unqualified Cotton Sanitary Napkins.

Most of the Sanitary Towels contain fluorescent agents, chemical components of bleaching. There are also a lot of fillers used in Sanitary Napkins that are recycled and not disinfected. Some sanitary napkins have a blue thing inside, saying that it is absorbed in an instant.

In fact, after you pour water, you It will be found that it will fade, and some Anion Sanitary Towels also contain mint. It is really cool when used. In fact, mint is a cool thing. When used frequently, it causes dysmenorrhea. After the blood flows out, it is in contact with the air.

In 15 minutes, a large amount of bacteria can be produced, so it is necessary to change the sanitary napkins frequently. If the sanitary napkins are used improperly, they will really get gynecological diseases.

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