The use of special sanitary napkins is a comfortable need: minimizing maternal pain




date:2019-03-05 10:40:15

After the production, the maternal vulva usually has wounds. The general Organic Sanitary Napkins are designed for ordinary women. They are made of ordinary synthetic fibers. They contain chemical components, many impurities, easy to fluff, large friction coefficient, easy to fall off, and easy to generate static electricity. It is easy to stimulate maternal-sensitive wounds and increase maternal pain. The survey found that about 50%-80% of women in postpartum are prone to depression, and an important cause of maternal depression is too much postpartum wounds. During this period, the maternal woman has to shoulder the responsibility of caring for the baby in addition to the 2-4 weeks of lochia, and the changes in the body's hormones and the panic during childbirth make the mother's physical and mental state unstable. High-quality special Sanitary Napkins minimize maternal pain and give the most vulnerable comfort to a vulnerable postpartum mother.

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