How to teach children use sanitary napkins?




date:2019-04-26 10:59:21

Parents must not be embarrassed to tell their children that it is important to maintain confidence in their children. It should be emphasized that the hygiene and safety of the mat is not only the responsibility of the Sanitary Napkin manufacturer or the sanitary napkin Wholesale agent, but also the user should pay attention to it when using it.

1. When should I replace the Menstrual Pad?
Girls may know that long periods of non-replacement of Tampon may cause toxic shock, but they may not know how long the mat should be used. The superabsorbent pad is used for 4 to 6 hours, but if the amount of menstruation is large, it needs to be earlier. Replace, as is the case for thinner and more absorbent pads.
The girl should know when she needs to change a sanitary napkin. If she doesn't know, she should check it every 2 to 3 hours. If the gasket is not replaced immediately after it is saturated, it may leak.

2. How to deal with used pads?
It's just as important to learn how to throw away mats and learn how to use them. The used mat should be folded in half. Show your daughter how to wrap the mat with tissue paper, paper towels or replacement pad wrapping paper. And emphasize to them that Sanitary Napkins and tampons should never be washed on the toilet, but in a trash can or a suitable restroom. Once the pad is discarded, the hands should be thoroughly cleaned.

3. Where can I find the menstrual pad?
When you are not around, make sure your daughter knows where she can find the mat. You can put a parcel in her room with her underwear inside or under the sink in the bathroom. Let her understand that it is very important to keep one or two mats in her locker or student's backpack to prevent accidents.
Also explain to your daughter that mats can also be purchased from pharmacies, grocery stores and large retailers. You may think this is stupid, but some girls think they need a prescription to buy a pad, so make sure your daughter understands that anyone can buy them and they don't need a prescription.

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