How to use sanitary napkins for children?




date:2019-05-03 11:01:03

Everyone knows that the physiological period will accompany the girl for half a lifetime, so the choice of Sanitary Napkins and tampons is especially important (of course, the quality and safety of the products are more important to see Bamboo Charcoal Sanitary Pads manufacturers, sanitary napkins Wholesale agents also need to polish their eyes. ). For girls, it is important to understand changes in adolescence, including how to control menstruation before puberty. Before the girls need help, teach them about the use of Sanitary Pads and slivers so they can more comfortably adapt to changes in adolescence and remain confident in seemingly difficult growth stages.
Here are answers to some common questions your daughter may ask.

1. What is a mat?
Your daughter may have learned about her health mat from her friends, TV commercials or health courses. In case she is unfamiliar, the sanitary pads must be explained to help women stay clean and dry during menstruation.

2. How should I use a Cotton Sanitary Pad?
Most girls start using mats because they are comfortable and easy to use. If necessary, show your daughter how to open the package and then remove the adhesive tape from the bottom of the mat. This is also a good time to educate girls about the disposal of feminine hygiene products. When the mat is ready for replacement, it should be removed from the underpants, wrapped in toilet paper or paper towels, and discarded in a trash can. Feminine hygiene products should never be washed into the toilet.

3. Why do sanitary napkins have so many choices?
Explain to your daughter that the mat is available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. Super absorbent and conventional pads are used during periods of high flow during her physiological period. Ultra-thin liners and Panty Liners are used when she has less flow or just entered the menstrual period.
Many girls are worried that they will be seen using hygienic pads. At this point, explain to them that the design of the mat is to fit the underwear and will not be seen through the clothes. Unless she tells Others, she will not see that she is using aSanitary Pad or is in a physiological period.

Some mats are designed with wings or wrap around to help prevent leakage. For an inexperienced girl, some of these products may be difficult to use. Your daughter may want to consider using a pad with a peeling support at the bottom until she is accustomed to the onset of the physiological period.

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